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ITSKINS Zero 3 for iPhone 5c



So if you are one to follow the news and rumors about Apple then you might have heard about a cheaper iPhone for months, and now from the looking-glass it seems we’re might be close to seeing Apple announce this phone at one of their big time press events while the rumor says the phone is expected to be called the iPhone 5C, and has  a all-plastic construction and slightly larger dimensions than the current iPhone 5. But the lower cost should make it accessible to a new segment of the market, potentially widening the Apple fan base to segments previously only served by Windows Phone, Android and other operating systems. But don’t ask me what I think about this rumor since I might go all Steve Jobs on you haha never in my life would I see Apple of all companies to come out with a cheaper priced device it’s just unheard of But while the new iPhone 5C is yet to be announced and is just a rumor as with any rumor case manufacturers already know enough about the cases and flock to start construction of some early of their products for the not released phone.One of them being the ITSKINS Zero 3 which is a lightweight case for the iPhone 5c  The case is made of an extremely thin plastic material, measuring only 0.3 millimeters thick and weighing about three grams about the weight of a thin piece of paper if that . The Zero 3 looks stylish too, with a translucent finish that shows off the Apple device underneath. and of course they will be available in three colors – black, white and blue. These offer a more traditional look for your iPhone, if the rumored colors of green, pink and yellow don’t float your boat. Of course, these iPhone 5C covers should also look great with matching iPhone 5C models, i.e. the white and blue color options.

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