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isYoung 4 3inch HD Rearview Mirror Dash Cam



Today I am going to review a dash camera from an amazon seller called YOUNGINC. The camera costs about $39.99 USD and comes with Free Prime shipping if you have PRIME so that’s all you will pay. So not bad for the price but how does it perform? That’s what this review intends to show you, so read on….


Product Name: isYoung 4 3inch HD Rearview Mirror Dash Cam

The Review:

The packaging, is a white box which shows a sleeve that says “Vehicle Blackbox DVR” with the product on it and a few other pictures and specs which lets you know of some of the features

The camera doesn’t have any identifying mark on it  The buttons on the front are quite easy to use and you can shut the camera display off so you don’t get distracted by it while driving and still be recording, on the back of the camera you will find the dash cam fits to most car mirrors then you will attach the elastic bands around the camera and mirror, the very top of the dash cam you will find the power port where you put the usb cable into also there is a spot for the backup camera to be inserted in but I left mine out since I had no need for it, next you find the SD card slot (I don’t think I need to tell you about this part) and last there is a reset button in case you come across a problem which you shouldn’t but you never know This camera is quite good and stays out of the way unlike a few other dash cam options on the market for recording your car from inside or outside in my opinion..

The camera does not come with an Instruction manual but if you send a email to the seller they should be able to get you one in English OR you can thank me as I’ve attached a downloadable PDF of the manual from our website, The Dashcam also comes with Micro USB car charger but I used my usb to mini usb cable which I liked alot more since I could still charge my phone,but unlike a few other past dash cameras it doesn’t come with a SD card which isn’t a problem


So yes the camera is inexpensive for a dash camera , but is it even worth it? I would say yes if you want to start recording the road or inside your car for insurance purposes But if you are looking for a camera with zoom this camera won’t do that it will pan and tilt a small bit and you might be able to move the mirror but I don’t suggest that keep your mirror when you feel safe at. Once you plug in the camera it usually starts recording having the display within the mirror is great but doesn’t give the real video files true justice  Oh and it also picks up audio so if people are talking in the car you can pick up their conversations but the audio isn’t the best in my opinion but you can always turn that feature off.  So in all it’s not bad for a dash camera but if you want to have to have zoom  for this camera I would look into another camera (do they even have or need that?) otherwise you will like this dash camera

IsYoung Instruction Manual ENGLISH PDF 


A few notes I’ve learned from other dash cams in the past which I think might be helpful with this one too. If the card is not compatible, just format it with the card plugged in.
Battery is mainly used to save files in emergency. Pls always connect external power while driving. Motion detection should be set to OFF in recording when driving to avoid randomly stopping recording & small files saved. Also if you want to learn how to install  the backup camera I embed a video from another Youtuber which I think might help out 

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