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Is Windows phone dying?



Well let me start of saying that there is still hope for Windows Phone but this my personal opinion and thoughts on this

Last week a had a discussion with Nokia’s PR Team face to face as they flew over from England to promote the new Lumia 1020.

My first and most important question was… Whats happening with app availability? Do Developers have to pay to get there apps on the Nokia Store?

Well i got this answer ‘It is not in Nokia’s hands when it comes to apps, It up to the developers and to the public to encourage them to develop there apps for the Windows phone platform.

In the case of developing the apps themselves Nokia has a pretty helpful platform for helping developers which you can find out more here.

Personally i love the design of the Lumia line. One thing i really dislike about the phones are the hardware. For phones with $350 to $500 price tags i do not expect mediocre specifications. If i wanted a budget phone with decent specs i would go right to the Nexus 4 as it is even cheaper starting at $299 for a 8GB model unlocked with no contract!

Now there is one bright side to losing out on display resolution and the processor’s in the phone.

The CameraWindowsPhone8-nokia900

One thing Nokia should be known well for is there amazing cameras. Now they do come out with these crazy megapixel counts going up to 41MP (MP stands for Megapixels for some of you may not know) But its all down to the sensor. A perfect example of this is the HTC One. It has a 4MP camera. Now some people would laugh at that for a high end phone but the sensor is very extreme and takes photos similar to a DSLR (Digital single-lens reflex is what it stands for, Which means its all digital which is faster and produces the images almost instantly.


Nokia still have great sensors which they should advertise more so people can understand how it works.

Now you may have realised that i am talking about Nokia. If your not aware they are not the only people in the game with Windows Phone. For example HTC has a small line but nothing compared to Nokia as that is why i am referring to them in this post.

So is Windows phone dying?

Ill leave that one up to you guys 😉


I hope you enjoyed this post and you will have more from me for a while as i have been busy lately with a lot of personal stuff so expect not to see me disappear again!

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