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iPhone Challenge Completed – Results and Review!



Today I FINALLY have the iPhone Challenge Completed/Full Review for you guys. So this review has turned into a full-on project, mainly due to the length that I have used an iPhone and how attached and accustomed I have gotten to using this device.

My original iPhone Challenge Part 1, which you can find here if you haven’t seen yet, went up about a month and a half ago from the time this is going up. It has been delayed greatly, partially due to personal life complications, and partially for me awaiting a few things. First, I wanted to wait for the release of iOS 9, and I also wanted to release the final part a few days upon the release of the iPhone 6S.

Basically, the original point of the challenge was to switch from being a complete Android user for the past 5 years, to use nothing but an iPhone for a few weeks. Well I completed the challenge, but now I want to share with you guys my thoughts, opinions, and recap of my first iPhone experience.

The iPhone 6 Plus was Apple’s first attempt into the “phablet” category, and while it wasn’t a bad first attempt, some things could have been handled better. So first, I want to squash the whole “too big” thing that has surrounded the 6 Plus and the upcoming 6s Plus. The phone is 5.5 inches, which depending on how you handle the form factor and ergonomics, can be either really big, or just the perfect size. The iPhone 6 Plus is a HUGE phone. Whether it’s the huge bezels or the overall wideness of the phone, but it’s just a large device. However, lucky for me, not so much for others, I have very large hands. Big hands paired with a big phone calls for a good fit in most cases. So my solution is simple enough: if you don’t have huge hands or need the extra screen size, get the 6S, if you have large hands get the 6S plus. Simple as that.

However for erganomics and feel in the hand, it feels very premium but slippery and fragile while the phone is naked. However, Poetic Cases has both bulky and thin cases depending on what type of fit you want. I recently did a full review of their recent cases here if you are interested in that.

Moving along, for the main portion of the video, I want to talk about the full experience of the phone itself as well as if I will stay on Team iPhone or return to my Android roots. Let’s talk about the hardware experience first. The 1080p IPS display, while not best in it’s class, is pretty good and oddly enough, I prefer a Full HD display over a Quad HD display, mainly because of battery life. Don’t get it wrong however, Quad HD displays are still top in class, Full HD’s are just more pratical in my opinion. Next, the battery life; my favorite part of using this phone. I can get through a day and a half of moderate use, and for heavy use that I usually do, I can still get through a full 16 hour day without having to charge it, and that itself is pretty great. However that amazing battery life is only available in the 6 Plus, and not the 6 or 6S as the smaller footprint means smaller battery life. The Apple A8 chip is pretty solid even a year later, with perfomance still being top notch. Gaming and other tasks is still no problem and have experience very little CPU related lag. Camera performance is also solid, although with the crazy camera advancements in smartphones the past year, it has fell a bit behind the competition. It is still stuck on the 8 MP’s and that isn’t too great for today’s standards. However, pictures still are very good in color accuracy and detail is also decent. I must say though, the selfie camera is pretty grainy on things like snapchat and what not, but the new 6S has camera improvements on both front and back, so I expect the new iPhone’s cameras to be top in class when they drop.

Lastly, I want to address iOS as a whole and my opinion on it. iOS 9 just released 4 days ago, and prior to that, I was on 8.4.1 for the majority of my time using the device. 8.4.1 was a pretty solid yet basic experience. It had none of the cool unique features of Android, which is decent but still isn’t as spoiled as I have previously been by using multiple versions of Android, but it was easy to get used to and I got pretty familiar with everything. When 9 dropped, I was not impressed by the performance whatsoever. As expected, it is pretty laggy and does have a few bugs, but with a few patches and tweaks, I think 9.1 will be a pretty great experience. However, in iOS 9, I do like the new “Android-like” features. Overall, it is pretty much as expected, I just could have preferred to see a few things done differently though.

I guess that brings this challenge to a conclusion. The difference of switching from Android to iPhone wasn’t as great as I expected, but it was a pretty cool transition and I actually do enjoy iPhone for a few reasons. iMessage, FaceTime, being able to talk with friends easier and other people being used to my phone when using it instead of asking a ton of questions are all things I liked. However, the shakiness of iOS 9 did concern me, but I think we will get a pretty polished experience in 9.1. Thank you for reading, and as always, keep it tuned to NH Tech.

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