Today, I take a look at Poetic Cases for the iPhone 6 Plus. The two cases I received for review are the Revolution and Affinity cases.

Let’s start with the Affinity case. It retails here for about 20 bucks, which is a pretty great price for a quality case. It features a clear body, with the boarders being black “TPU-Rich corners” to protect from drops. Overall, this is a smaller case and doesn’t add a ton of bulk, but it does make the phone protected and safe from most moderate drops. One con however, is that I noticed that when I remove the case, The top black layer tends to flair out just a bit and bends a little, although I have removed and put on this case multiple times. Overall, considering the price and build quality, I would consider this case a STEAL for the price.

Moving along, let’s look at the Revolution case. It retails here for 25 bucks, again a steal. This is a two layer case, with the front layer being a screen protecter and the second layer being Hybrid TPU Skin. This is a pretty bulky case but I can almost assure you this case will protect you from 95% of drops I’m that confident in the build quality. The button covers are really tactile which I LOVE and overall this is a really great case, and great for the price.

That concludes it for this review. The verdict? Poetic has done a GREAT job making affordable high quality cases and I will continue to use them and I encourage you too as well. You can check out Poetic Cases here. Thank you for tuning into my Poetic Cases review for the iPhone 6 Plus and as always, keep it tuned to NH Tech.