iPhone 5 Lux Snap On Case  Front

Build Quality

With the CaseCrown Lux Snap On Case you notice right awaythat the case has a soft rubber like texture feeling to it. While holding the case itself it was weightless once put on the iphone you didn’t notice any of the weight like some  other cases.



This case had easy installation. All you had to do was place the iPhone into the case and it snapped on perfectly. The case didn’t protect the top or the bottom of the iphone which left it pretty open. It did have the openings though to easily charge your phone or put your headphones in the headphone jack with out any problems. The case has a small lip to it so it allows you to lay your iPhone face down. The case has a nice big opening for the camera and the flash. Finally, the volume and mute switch i found some what hard to access to. The opening of the buttons and mute switch where a tad small but other wise accessible.



The iPhone 5 Lux Snap On Case  is not a heavy duty case. All this case is ment to do is protect it from basic scratches from every day to day activity and all so short drops.  If your looking for a heavy duty case you might want to find something else such as the OtterBox or Ballistic Case.


This iphone case comes in four unique colors:

Red,Blue,Purple and Black




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