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Should You invest in MINIs?




Well, this fact is common in Android world unlike iOS and Windows Phone up-to certain extend. Whenever a Flagship launches, Rumours about Mini versions are just operated on entire tech blogs in the world. However the most hyped is iPhone 6, till today. What really MINIs personify? That question will never feature dilemma in terms of Answer. Mostly every Tech-aware guy, can answer this question without any hesitation, right?  This phones are kind of Middle Class- not as rich as Flagships, not quite poor as Mid-Rangers and Low end phones. Even though I’m still confused whether MINIs can be compared with Mid Rangers because they have some mid-range specs, but price little bit high than Mid Rangers.

Whenever a Flagship, in simple language is SHRINKED in terms of both hardware and up to certain limit software, MINIs come into existence. And they still are considered Royal like Flagships simply because they do carry some signature Flagship feature. For example- Metal Body of M8 with One MINI 2, laser autofocus of G3 with G3 Beat and some of the software features of Galaxy s5 with S5 mini. However it is worthy to be noted that treatment was and will never be same like Flagships in terms of software updates. But this fact is inversely proportional to Mid Rangers as they do feel Royal relative to them, so as the thought says” It is better to have something than Nothing” . Anyway, taking this thought in daily life, people do buy it specially those who can’t really afford an Flagship but want to experience at-least something loyal.


They’re medium speced device carrying Flagship level software. Investing really in MINIs is all that matters. You can’t really go wrong because they provide the best it can. It is kind of bridge between Flagship and MIDRANGERS treated almost equally in terms of Software updates. SO what do you think about this topic guys, leave your comments down below !

Devanshu is passionate about Technology. His knowledge of Android OS makes him an asset for NH Tech he current produces android content both on our Youtube channel and our website well as keeping himself busy writing for his website he founded on December 2013 . Devanshu will always try his best to answer any question about everything related to Android you might have for him

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