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iMusic Knitted Hat



Today I am going to review a pair of Headphones integrated into a knitted hat  on MobileFun which is the UK’s leading online mobile accessories retailer offering the latest mobile phones and exciting accessories  the headphones cost about $37.27 USD so how well does it work? lets find out…

Product Name: iMusic Knitted Hat 

Where ? : MobileFun

Price : $33.27 USD

The Review:

So if you are from new england then you have felt the pain that most of  us including me have felt with this winter snow and I’m sure you were out there shoveling a path to your car to get out or a path to the mailbox and if you are like me then you take along your iPhone and listen to some Pandora while you get the job done  and you know that typical earbuds or headphones when out in the wet cold snow might not be the best choice so that’s where this cool hat comes into place if Black isn’t your taste then you can choose Slate Gray or Khaki  Now it does get a bit to get used to I found that earpieces aren’t lined up even but that isn’t a big problem just move them around in the hat till they fit right I do wish this was Bluetooth since I’m not a fan of wires when I’m out shoving but to fix this I feed the wires through my jacket layers allowing some extra slack so the wires don’t pull the hat off my head (if this makes sense)  I’ve never seen any product like this besides some headbands with the same technology one of the best parts of this product is when it gets dirty or smells all you have to do is remove the headphones and wash the hat I would hang it to dry rather than throw it in the dryer and have it shrink


So this headphones hat is perfect for cold water but is it even worth it? I would say YES if you are looking for a product that you can listen to your tunes while shoving the driveway this product is a nice way to go, but I think you could do better if you are looking for version that is wireless you might want to look here but if this doesn’t bug you then you are sure to enjoy this headphone hat from MobileFun

The final score averages out to be a 9 out of 10, but that takes into account everything.

+Inexpensive+Well made

+ Comfortable and Warm

+Easy to clean and remove the earpiece

Wire can get annoying

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