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Do you have more than one dropbox or google drive and have to keep logging out of each account that sure can get annoying I know at least for me it does. Well today I would like to introduce you to an app I found called iExplorer HD there is another app called iExplorer which is for the iPhone/iPod and does the same thing so in general in this app you can file sharing accounts like Windows Sharing Files/NAS server/FTP Server/Cloud server (WebDAV servers, iDisk, FilesAnywhere, Box.Net, CloudMe, Dropbox, Microsoft Live Mesh, SkyDrive, Google Drive. You can Transfer files/folders/subfolders between iPad and remote servers, You can also Transfer files with Bluetooth between IOS devices which is really handy no wires needed another transfer is  between iPad and PC with USB cable which I didn’t use  this feature since I rarely sync my device to my mac but you can do this if you wish. Something I havent seen in a lot of IOS file sharing apps is Zip & Unzip files on local or NAS server/FTP server, support pass code protected zip/7zip/rar files  which again comes in handy so you don’t have to go to a computer and open filezilla to fix a file. Onto stored media I was  impressed I was able to play some of my old videos I have on my Dropbox without having to login in and out just to view it and it supports large images,view thumbnails and Smoothly zoom/scroll photos which I do quite a lot when I am in the app with family photos I didn’t put on any social site another useful feature with media is multitasking supported for Audio stream Now we all have had this one file that someone shared with us and we don’t know what viewer to use or even if we have a viewer for it on our computer well with iExplorer HD the problem is gone with a Embedded PDF viewer,CHM viewer and ePub reader with support outlines, bookmarks and annotation. for the users who love reading there comics on the ipad I think they will love this feature Comic Reader, support cbz/cbr/cb7 files Able to view large comic files in NAS/FTP server without copying to local Cache comic file in local storage. Now back to my favorite feature if you are like me you kinda forget where you leave off on some documents  not to worry though  the app will remember the last read position for PDF, CHM, ePub, large text/PDB files. Now for my friends who love reading their code there is a build in Code viewer with syntax highlighted for C, C++, Objective C, C#, Java, Php, JS, CSS So if you find yourself working from your iPad more and more these days like myself then I think you should get iExplorer HD in the IOS app store

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