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HTC One M9 Review



In today’s review I am going to be bringing you my review of the HTC One M9, One of the most anticipated devices of 2015. Let’s see if you should pick one up for yourself, wait for the next generation or look at maybe the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Worth the Purchase ? : NO

Where ? : Vodafone

Price : Starting @£44 per month on Pay-Monthly

In the Box

HTC One M9


Wall Adapter

Micro-USB charging cable

Sim Ejector tool

Earphones w/ In-Line Controls

HTC stickers

Warranty stickers


Android 5.0 (Lollipop) w/ HTC Sense 7.0

5-inch 1080p Display

20 megapixel autofocus Camera w/ Dual LED Flash

Micro-USB Fast Charging (Wall adapater included does not support fast charging but the device does)

BoomSound Speakers

4 UltraPixel Selfie Camera

Aluminium Body

Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 octa-core processor

32GB of Internal Memory expanable via the Micro SD Card slot upto 128GB

3GB of RAM

My first impressions of the HTC One M9 were good. The build quality was great, it booted up extremely fast and the camera quality was impressive. But after using the device for about 3 weeks some of the devices downsides definitely shone through, unfortunatly.

Before I get to the bad side of the device, lets tell you about the good things about the HTC One M9. The speakers are outstanding,the best on a smartphone and has been for many years now. Since the speakers are front facing they throw the sound direct to you, so you don’t loose any of the volume you would with back-side speakers. The volume is very loud and thanks to that 5inch 1080p display you will be immersed in your gaming or video experience. The OS on the device is Android Lollipop 5.0.2. It runs extremely smooth thanks to the Octa-Core processor and the 3GB of RAM. But we are still to hear news of Android M for the device with 5.1.1 just being pushed recently.

32GB of storge came with this edition of the device, you can also pick up a 64GB variant if you feel that 32GB isn’t quite enough to hold all of your content, but then again you can upgrade that even more via the micro SD Card up to 128GB, so storage isn’t an issue with this device.

On the rear of the device is home to the 20MP auto-focus camera and dual LED flash. The flash is very bright so it will have no problem illumiating any dark area you may be walking throgh or to illuminate a drak area for a picture. Speaking of pictures, the 20MP camera is outstanding. Very crisp in every picture it took (Sample Below) and the 4K video @30fps was also extremly impressive (Sample : HERE)

The build quality is the final good thing about this device, it is available in various colours of aluminium and in the hand feels like a very high quality device and it should considering its off contract price, yikes.

Now, the bad things. First off, the display isn’t bad by any means, its beautiful in-fact a great 1080p display, but for a high end flagship that can shoot 4k video why not have a Quad-HD display that can show the full quality of the video instead of 1080p, why? If HTC wants to compete with the likes of Samsung and the Galaxy Series then they have to step up the game.

The next thing is the processor is very snappy yes, nothing lags anywhere, no matter how long you are using the device or how many apps you have in the background. But, my god it gets hot after long periods of usage, such as gaming. Once I played Real Racing 3 for a good 20 mins, while on a plane to waste the time and I had to put the device back into my bag to let it cool down because it got so hot I couldn’t put it in my pocket and it was uncomfortable to hold. It was the first time a device has ever gotten that hot and I have researched this and I am not the only one this has happened to, the Snapdragon 810 definitely has some serious heat issues.


After using the HTC One M9 I was quite dissapointed with a high end device that I wanted to love, but because of the lack of a Quad-HD display, considering it has 4K video recording and other flagships came out the Quad-HD displays and the fact that the device could not contain the Snapdragon 810 and caused the device to overheat after long periods of gaming and 1080p video consumption.

If you are a HTC fan, by all means pick this up if you haven’t already but if you haven’t, I would wait for the next generation of the HTC One flagship devices or look at a different manufacturers flagship device. I would not pick this device up for personal use because I want a device that can stand up to the other flagships on the market and not overheat any time I try to consume content.”

My name is James, I am 19. I am Reviewing Editor at and love what I do. I am passionate about my material that I produce. I product Technology videos on YouTube at JustGeekTech. Be sure to follow me on Twitter for all the latest about posts here at and video reviews on YouTube.

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