Are you thinking about getting a HTC ONE well if you are I think you should check out Mobile fun they were kind enough to send out a sample and at first looks I can tell case companies are getting better at making their cases then in recent years with the HTC one flip case you can store up two cards of your choosing which is nice for most of us who don’t carry a wallet Built in magnets on the case hold it closed whilst in transit, making sure no harm will come to your shiny new HTC One. A hidden strap secures your HTC One and prevents it from moving and slipping when in use. When the case is closed, the screen of your One is protected by a soft, micro-suede lining which will help to keep it looking as good as when it came out of the box which is something we all want when we buy a case for our new device. The Flipcase has a easy to carry book style and offers 360º protection, yet is ready to use in an instant, it also has cutouts which will give you access to all the ports and features including the touchscreen. Overall if you are looking for a very simple & professional case for your HTC ONE I would consult to this listing