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How to Fix: iOS 11 Update Problems



iOS 11 has been released alongside new iPhone 8 (Plus) and iPhone X in September. As the latest generation version of iOS, iOS 11 includes numbers of new features and major changes, which will bring iPhone to life like never before. However, just like previous big iOS updates, iOS 11 update also comes with many new bugs and problems. In view of this, here in this post, we will list 4 most common problems users met during/after iOS 11 update, and also share you solutions to quickly fix these problems.

How to Fix iOS 11 Update Problems

1. iOS 11 Update Failed

iOS 11 update failed is the most frequently occurring problem while updating iPhone/iPad to iOS 11. Many reasons can lead to this error, like unstable network connectivity, no enough space, low battery, etc. Now, let’s check the solutions:

1. Restart iPhone: press and hold the Power/Sleep and Home buttons (iPhone 7: volume down and power on/off button) until you see Apple Logo, then release them.

2. Free up space: clear some useless documents, photos, videos, etc. Or you can check this guide to free up space via 1 click: 6 Tips to Clean Up iPhone/iPad/iPod Before Updating to iOS 11 >

3. Check if your iPhone/iPad/iPod supports iOS 11.

iPhone: iPhone 7 (Plus)/iPhone 6s (Plus)/iPhone 6 (Plus)/iPhone SE/iPhone 5s

iPad: iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2017)/iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2015)/iPad Pro 10.5-inch/iPad Pro 9.7-inch/iPad Air 2/iPad Air/iPad 5th Generation/iPad 4th gen/iPad mini 4/iPad mini 3/iPad mini 2

iPod: iPod Touch 6th gen

2. iMessage Not Saying Delivered

One of the most common issues that iOS users face after Updating to iOS 11 is iMessage not saying Delivered”, which means messages not successfully delivered to the recipient’s device even you have sent for a long time. To solve the iMessage not saying Delivered” issue, you can try below ways:

1. Check Wi-Fi or your cellular data, and make sure your iPhone is correctly connected to the networks.

2. Check your iMessage account, then turn iMessage off and on: Settings > Messages > Turn off iMessage > Turn on iMessage.

3. Enable Send as SMS under Settings: Settings > Messages > Send as SMS.

3. Wi-Fi Problem

Plenty of users are complaining that their iPhone/iPad/iPod touch failed to connect to Wi-Fi after updating to iOS 11. Actually, Wi-Fi problem is not a rare issue, especially updated to new iOS version. Let’s see how to fix these Wi-Fi problems with ease.

1. Forget the Wi-Fi and then rejoin: “Settings” > “WLAN” > “Forget This Network” > “Forget” > “Settings” > “WLAN” > Select the network and enter the password > “Join”.

2. Tap on “Airplane Mode”, then off.

3. Reset network settings: “Settings” > “General” > “Reset” > “Reset Network Settings”.

4. Restart your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

4. Data Loss During Update

Final common iOS 11 update problems is iPhone/iPad/iPod touch encounters data loss during update process. When this situation occurs, the most important thing is to recover your lost files as soon as possible, or they will be overwritten by new data and disappear forever. If you have made an iTunes/iCloud backup before updating to iOS 11, then you can directly recover the lost files from backup. Otherwise, you will have to turn to some data recovery tool to give you a hand.

If you are looking for a reliable tool to help you recover your lost but important data, then we recommend PhoneRescue – iOS Data Recovery highly. It is a professional and 100% safe iOS data tool that trusted by lots of users for data recovery. It can help you successfully recover all your lost data like photos, contacts, videos, music, messages, notes, WhatsApp messages and more valuable files from your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch in just a few minutes.

Here we just listed the 4 most common problems users met during/after iOS 11 update. If you meet some other iOS 11 update problems that didn’t mention above, feel free to contact us via email or leave your troubles below, we will reply you as soon as possible.


Editor Note: this is a guest post and some of it was lightly edited but if you find a mistake we encourage you to comment below, send us a tweet or email via our contact page

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