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How good is the IPX7 Fin Audio speaker?



IPX7 Bluetooth Speaker

Everyone likes listing to music,audiobooks or even podcast. When it comes to swimming or taking a shower it can become a tad difficult to find that right device to listen to your favorite music or audiobooks while in the shower or maybe having some fun in the pool. What if you could have something that is small and portable to do all of this? Now you can!

What comes with Fin Audio IPX7 bluetooth speaker? You get the speaker itself a USB Charging cable, and a user manual. When taking the speaker out of its case you also notice a suction cup. This suction cup is very strong. So it won’t fall off the shower wall. I’ve had mine up for over a week and it hasn’t fallen off yet.

Don’t allow this  IPX7 bluetooth speaker fool you. This small speaker punches premium quality sound. The sound that comes out of this bluetooth speaker is crystal clear. When the sound is all the way up your able to hear it not just in the shower but also your able to hear it from a room or two away.  One of the unique feature it offers is answering a phone call hands free. IPX7 has a built-in microphone. Your able to answer those important calls.

Some of the features the IPX7 bluetooth speaker offer are bluetooth V3.0+EDR (Supports 4.0 bluetooth devices as well). The IPX7 bluetooth has a distance of 30 feet away. So you don’t need to worry about getting your phone wet if in the water.  The playback time is between 5-6 hours and charging time is 2-3 hours for the IPX7 Bluetooth speaker.

You can go ahead and purchase this nifty speaker for $39.99


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