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Hollow Curved Pattern Silver iPhone 5 Case



If you are a girl then you will love this Bling  Hollow Curved Pattern Silver iPhone 5 Case by EZBuysDirect  It’s very  unique and is hollowed out, you can follow its curvy design as if vines were growing on your iPhone. The minimalist design is sleek and can offer your phone against scratches and dents. Easily charge your phone without having to remove the case and keep access to all exterior buttons thanks to the slim and sleek open face design. Sadly there is no lay on the table action with this case so a Screen protector is a must to help prevent it from being dragged across the counter again just like the last this case is made of a durable high-grade material and comes in at $5 not bad for a cheep case and you didn’t have to wait for it to clear though customs EZbuys are located right here in the USA but again don’t take my word for it there other affordable cases on the EZbuys website

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