Hi guys Matthew here again,DSC_9541

Today were going to be taking a look at HiSoundAudio’s Hiphone 4 In-Ear Earphones.

First of all lets take a look at the build quality.

The build quality on these things are amazing for the price! They are made out of some sort of metal. The earbuds that come with these are also great as they come with a very good variety of sizes. Also i would like to say that the whole inside the earbuds are small, Which is a great thing because the sound travels through more evenly and makes it more balanced. Also this includes a iPod style mic and button to pause, play and switch tracks

Hence which is why we are going to take a look at the sound quality.

The sound quality on these things are very good for the price! I really like the base presence but sometimes it can be a little to much, Which isn’t a bad thing at all because some people like there bass. The trebles and vocals good also but not $500 earphone standard if you know what i mean. But overall for the price what your getting is a great deal.



These earphones are a bang for your buck so to speak coming in at $39.00. Which is great value for the sound and build quality. I would recommend these to anyone looking for good sound quality and build quality for a cheaper price. If you would like to purchase these earphones check them out on there site here http://www.hisoundaudio.com/

I would like to thank HiSoundAudio for sending this product out for review.

Thats it for me today guys. Matthew signing off.