A stylus is a must have product if you own any sort of tablet, but it is quite difficult to find the right one for you. In this article, I will be reviewing the HexStyli Pen and as you can probably guess by the name, it is a touch screen stylus with 6 different functions. Let’s see if this a stylus worth spending your money on.
Worth the Purchase ? : Yes
Where ? : GearZap
Price : £ 9.99

• Twistable Ink Pen
• Touch Screen Stylus
• Level
• Doubled sided screw driver(flat head and Philips head)
• Ruler (cm and m)
• Belt/Shirt clip

The first thing you will notice about the stylus is that it has a nice heft to it and that is because it is constructed from aluminium, unlike any stylus I’ve tried in the past, in quality at least. To reveal the ball point pen mentioned above in the functions list, all you have to do is twist the grip to the left and the pen tip will appear. The ink quality is very good, I was happy to use the pen doing school work with no problem with the ink cutting, unlike some brand new pens I bought before. Also on the main body of the pen , you have the centimetre and metre rulers, which can be useful but only go up to 7cm/3m.

Beside the rulers there is a level, which can be very useful for making sure objects are straight, like pictures when your hanging them up on the wall. Right beside that is a nifty little clip, which allows you to easily attach the pen to your shirt or belt pocket, to carry the pen with you when you’re out and about. Moving to the top of the pen, we have a touch screen stylus, now this is a great stylus , I must say. Its sensitive, accurate and a joy to use. It will enhance your experience on your tablet 100%. Now for one of the coolest parts of this pen, in my opinion, the double headed screw driver. To reveal the screw driver all you do is twist the stylus tip off the pen and bam there it is.This is quite a useful tool as it will allow you to always have a screw driver nearby to fix something without clunking up your desk with unnecessary tools.


The HexStyli is no doubt the best stylus I have ever tried. The build quality is great and the ability to have six different functions built into the one pen just tops it off. If you’re looking for a stylus for your tablet, stop your search and pick this up , it’s amazing.

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