I can bet if you are reading this post you have or have used a stylus before then you know that most stylus only have one use and that’s for using it on your touchscreen but what if I told you there’s a stylus out there that claims to work in 5 other ways besides touching your screen  MobileFun which is the UK’s leading online mobile accessories retailer offering the latest mobile phones and exciting accessories have provided me a HexStyli 6 in 1 Stylus Pen so how well does it work? lets find out…

Product Name: HexStyli 6 in 1 Stylus Pen

Where ? : MobileFun

Price : $16.49 USD

The Review: The packaging is nothing special just a  simple black box with a  foam lined to protect the HexStyli 6 in 1 Stylus Pen feel free to reuse the box for a gold chain that you might give a family member for their birthday


Lets start with a first look of the stylus Its made of solid aluminum, has a printed ruler for those small measurements from  7cm  or up to 3inch ruler Next is level which I wonder if it’s very accurate since some spots where I placed the pen while testing weren’t level and the pen said it was, the coolest part of this stylus is the screwdriver part of the pen there are sometimes where you need a simple task done with a tiny screw driver but don’t need to carry screwdrivers with you all the time I liked having this feature BUT and this is a big but I have a hard time switching between the two types of screwdrivers but I did find a way around this problem it requires you to remove the small rubber band from the screw head but be careful if you tilt the pen forward with out putting the cap on good luck looking for the small part also I suggest getting a small bag for the rubber band if you want to give it away to a family member you can let them decide how they want to use it , now comes the one reason you want this product the stylus I feel the company that made this product skimmed on the quality of the tip of the stylus if you are avid user of a stylus there’s no way this tip will last you the rubber seems like there is no padding underneath which if you like to draw with your tablet then you know that  since there is a lot of pressing being done



So the stylus doesn’t break the bank but is it even worth it? I would say it still is  if you are looking for a gift for a Dad or grandpa on any holiday like a birthday or christmas this product is a nice way to go providing they have a tablet or smart phone and don’t do any type of drawing with their device it’s not bad for an all in one stylus, but I think you could do better if you are into drawing or even gaming on your device but if this doesn’t bug you then you are sure to enjoy this stylus from MobileFun The final score averages out to be a 9 out of 10, but that takes into account everything.

+Inexpensive+Seems well made+ Gets the job done The only part I found is its not ment for those who are avid users of the stylus like those who draw with there device

Rating – 9/10 – Great for DAD!

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