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Hawara Universal Metal Stand for Tablets Review



A stand is one of those accessories every tablet owner should have. But with so many in the market its hard to choose the one you want. In this article, I be giving you my thoughts on the Hawara Universal tablet stand. Is this the stand for you? Read on to find out.

Worth the Purchase ? : Yes
Where ? : GearZap
Price : £9.99

In the Box
Tablet Stand
Draw string velvet carry ba

Main Features
Mobile-Tablet-Stand_GIFCompact, lightweight folding metal stand Ideal for watching media, typing or making video calls Compatible with any tablet between 7 & 10 inches in size Use it even when your case is attached Comes complete with drawstring bag for portability The Hawara stand is one the most stylish looking tablet stands I’ve seen lately, mainly because its constructed from steel. The stand will blend in very well on your desk if you own like the iPad, Macbook or iMac.The stand also has a nice weight to it, which gave me the impression that the product I had was high quality. On the bottom of the stand legs are two rubber nubs, which when folded away sit flush with stand. To hold up your tablet all you do is push out these rubber nubs and simply place your tablet on them. On the nubs there a small indentations to place your tablet at different angles while on the stand, which can be very convenient when watching YouTube videos or movies.

On the back leg of the stand is a lever, this has a rubber nub on the end, which grips to your desk. This lever allows you to place your tablet at an angle,which is ideal for typing book reports or articles on your tablet. One of the unique features of this stand compared to others is that it is highly portable because you can simply fold up both legs,slide it into the included velvet draw string bag and then you can pop it into your laptop bag or purse when travelling.

The stand held up very well during the review and was tested with the Microsoft Surface RT which has a screen size of 10.6 inches.

The Hawara Universal tablet stand was better than I thought it was going to be and was the first tablet stand I’ve seen that comes with its own carry bag. The build quality is flawless, it looks great and functions very well. For the price of only £9.99 this tablet stand is definitely worth a look.

Rating: 10/10 – Great Tablet stand

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