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Hardcandy Cases Signature Design Hard Shell Case



If you know me then you already know from a few past posts that I dont like the wet installs of skins as much as a
physical case on a device like the Macbook Pro well today I am going to talk about the Signature Design Hard Shell Case for the 13in Macbook Pro by Hard Candy Cases this case is made of a unique blend of polycarbonate plastics. Hard Candy chooses materials based on their ability to provide your laptop with long lasting, easy to clean protection from surface scratches an scuffs. Now you might be thinking wont this make my macbook over heat and from my time with this product I can say I didnt have this problem but just incase this macbook case features vents which mimic the location of the original
vents on your model, providing proper airflow to reduce chances of thermal shutdown. Installing this case is so simple even a kid could do it but still since we are dealing with a laptop that doesnt come cheep it might be best for an adult to take of the
install just to be safe before placeing the macbook into the shell make sure to give it a nice clean down then place the bottom in
first followed by the top and bang now your ready to show off your macbook to your friends One thing I really like about Hardcandy is the colors look quite sharp now for the price it might be a bit high for most people but again if you dont want a sticker skin on your laptop I would look into a case just to keep it safe from scruffs no one is totally safe but having a case on your
protector will surely help out I had no problem slipping the laptop into a bag with the case on so in all I like Hardcandy cases and I know you will too

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