When I was a kid in school we used play Hangman when we were bored and the teacher had no work for us to do today with new technology like the iPad you are able to play it on this device good same old fun just like you had back in school the name of the game is called Hangman2020 there’s paid and free app  this app has some cool animations, a range of challenging words, advanced scoring this app is inspired by the classic Hangman game just as I said you can expect the same goal to guess the secret word and prevent the stick man from the fatal noose that ends the game in the free version they have added more options and features to increase the fun and challenge to create a phenomenal gaming experience that is both educational and entertaining! Hangman2020 includes words from more than 25 categories. Animals, books, and movies are a few of the popular categories. They are continually adding more words to the list. Something that cool about this app is that the animations bring the stick man in Hangman2020 Free to life, and he can be very emotional. Guess the secret word and the hangman smiles. Guess the wrong letter several times and watch his facial expression transition to sadness as his demise seems eminent But guess the secret word right in record time and earn extra points the user interface of Hangman2020 Free is designed in full color to offer a visually pleasing experience. Forget the paper and pencil of the classic game. Enjoy this game in living color Something I thought that interesting is that you compare your scores to other players of the game so you can see if you are king or queen and if you are up for the bragging rights you can share with your  friends on Facebook and broadcast your excellent standing of course your comments about your experience with Hangman2020 Free is very valuable to the developer so be sure to use the integrated Rate My App message box to rate your experience. So go ahead and test your word skills in them all and you never ever have to worry about having another day of boredom!

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