Most who know me know I have a thing for glass protectors I don’t know what it is maybe its the Classy modern look that protects my iPhone screen without taking away from the clarity or smoothness of the screen or maybe its the strengthened glass material is 5X stronger than ordinary glass and is scratch resistant well what ever it is I know I always have Excellent screen clarity with the Goodgadget iPhone 4/4s Glass Guard Screen Protector since it has a ultra-thin with thickness 0.4mm. So thin, you won’t even notice or feel it unless you don’t have a jelly home button since they don’t include a home button something that just makes glass protectors smooth to the touch I didn’t have any trouble with touchscreen responsiveness the protector works and feels like actual iPhone screen. Here is the best part of the protector special silicone adhesive allows easy self-installation with simple instructions and ZERO air bubbles since even the ones who are pros at installing a screenprotector always get one hair bubble in the screen with the Goodgadget iPhone 4/4s Glass Guard Screen Protector you wont have to worry about that and this protector is laser cut to fit perfectly on your iPhone Now you might be saying why should I get anti glare well If you have kids then you know they use your phone in the car to watch a video or play a game you know the end result when you go to make a call there’s a million fingerprints I bet by then you are second guessing letting them eat McDonald’s in the car well not worry this screen protector has a Matte and anti-glare finish which reduces glare from being outside trying to make a call and the pesky fingerprints and smudges. Overall I am quite happy with this glass screen protector and I think you will too

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