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Goo.ey Skin(Orange) for Samsung Galaxy S4 Review



Are you a person who enjoys the feel of your phone but are worried about getting it dirty or all scratched up. If so, take a look at the Goo.ey skin from, available for various devices in various colours, so you can customise your device to your liking.DSCF4859 In this review, I will be taking a look at the Goo.ey skin in orange for the Samsung Galaxy S4. If you own a Galaxy S4 and are interested in the Goo.ey skin, read on to find out what I thought and if you should pick one up for yourself.

Worth the Purchase?:Yes
Where ? :Goo.eySkins
Price : £15.00


  • Reusable and won’t leave residue
  • Sticks firmly to Glass,Mirror,Metal or marble.
  • Made from Polyurethane epoxy with 3M adhesive
  • Slim enough to use with existing cases or bumpers

Applying the Goo.ey to my Samsung Galaxy S4 was surprisingly easy. Normally, when I apply decals or screen protectors to my devices it is quite time-consuming and monotonous.Straight away the Goo.ey impressed me, which is something I can’t say for all products I’ve tried before. The Goo.ey comes in various colours such as Orange,Red,Black,White and Aqua Blue. The colour of Goo.ey Skin I’m reviewing is the Orange edition and it’s a vibrant orange at that , it will have no problem catching people’s attention in public.DSCF4868 All the features of the Goo.ey was tested and held its word, mostly. Sticking to smooth surfaces was no problem, it protected my Galaxy S4’s backing from scratches , and had a nice feeling in the hand. But the packaging claimed it was slim enough to use with your existing case, so I tried it and failed. The case I used daily was the Speck Candy shell and trying to get the Galaxy S4 into the case was hard, it just wouldn’t fit. I was pretty disappointed since it was claimed to be able to something it couldn’t. I reverted to using a silicone case with the Galaxy S4, which worked fine. I would say it only works with silicone cases because I also tried clip on cases and even that didn’t work. The Goo.ey had no problem coming up frDSCF4887om my default battery packing, leaving no residue. Just to test if was damaged in any way after being pulled up, I tried to apply it the S View cover and it worked the same way it did when first received, which also impressed me. Now I can have the S View cover on with protection for my screen with the front flap and protection for the back with the Goo.ey and have a good grip of the phone. The Goo.ey does attract fingerprints,they are just easily wiped away and aren’t too visible.

The Goo.ey skin is a very good product. It adds style, scratch protection and grip to your phone along with the cool feature of being able to stick to smooth surfaces. Its slim, noDSCF4867 doubt about that but using it with your everyday case might be hard if it not a flexible silicone case. Just remember, while it might add scratch protection it does not add protection for the edges and front the phone, so if you drop your phone on its front or it lands wrong on its sides it’s all over .

Rating : 7/10 – Great product. But, not being able to use it with your favourite case is disappointing but im willing to give it up if the product is this good. definitely worth a look but just that in mind.

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