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GMYLE Sleeve Cushion for Microsoft Surface Pro 3 / Surface Pro 4



So some of you might not know this but I recently got a Windows tablet from iRULU which I’ve been using alot when I travel or with Macbook pro in late 2013. So I haven’t really reviewed or seen too many cases and accessories for it since I just got it but one of main reasons there isn’t a lot of products are made for the Macbook pro but recently I was checking out one of the many companies I’ve reviewed for in the past called GMYLE I know strange name but they are a brand with brilliant ideas servicing today’s mobile world. Established in 2005, GMYLE is a trusted name. As a leader in developing MacBook, Tablet, Smartphone Accessories and many other products we enhance consumers’ lives.  Today I am going to review the GMYLE Sleeve Cushion for Microsoft Surface Pro 3 / Surface Pro 4

Where ? : AmazonGMYLE

Price : 19.98-39.98 Free shipping

The case is made of a burlap cloth and blue vinyl design strip inside a large pocket for my windows tablet and one medium pocket which I keep a large powerbank in  and two small pockets one of them is longer great for adaptors and for a mouse the smallest pocket is perfect for flash drives also there is a zipper pocket so I can put my charger in  Thanks to the design it can be placed inside a backpack without fear of added bulk weight.

This case I can say isn’t meant to have drop protection but still good enough to give you more peace of mind if you place  your laptop into your backpack so it’s protected from everyday use like hard or soft scratches or light bumps from being in the backpack


After using this sleeve for about a month ,I didn’t find any problems with it and quite happy even when I pack it solid I can still close the flap. The case offers style and protection to my Windows Tablet  I can’t compare this other sleeves but after a quick look on amazon at a few others it’s definitely an affordable simple case that still looks great

Rating 10/10 –Impressed by this case

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