I’ve heard so much hype about Google Cardboard and I never could understand why people were so happy about a cardboard product I recently found a company selling a Google Cardboard alternative from the cool people at GMYLE I know strange name but they are a brand with brilliant ideas servicing today’s mobile world. Established in 2005, GMYLE is a trusted name. As a leader in developing MacBook, Tablet, Smartphone Accessories and many other products we enhance consumers’ lives.  Today I am going to review the GMYLE Google Cardboard DIY Kit

Where ? : AmazonGMYLE

Price : $15.98 GMYLE

The packaging for the product is simple it’s a well.. yeah you guessed it a CARDBOARD slab nothing printed inside or outside there is a magnetic and two eye pieces for the google cardboard  along with a paper sheet to show you how to put it together which is very easy as long as you can follow pictures


After using the Google Cardboard for about a few weeks and having a loads of fun with a few friends There aren’t any faults to report besides the velcro tends to come unstuck. This product was able to fit both my iPhone and iNew V7 (Android) into the Google Cardboard and use both the regular Google Cardboard app and a few others found in both the Google Play and iTunes store. This product doesn’t really have any real reason why you should get it but if you remember those VR game helmets from the early 90’s like me this is a 21st century makeover from those or if you just like “neat tech 3d stuff” then you should check these out they don’t cost alot and would make a some cool convos this christmas

Watch the video review!

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