Now I am not sure how many moms and dads read our blog but here’s an app for your young child which could help them with their reading skills Aimed at children from 3-7 years of age,  the Italian based studio, Tales Factory produces adorable children’s story books that can be cherished forever. Gaudi Bruno is a fast-paced, exciting and interactive storybook a beautiful introduction into nature, friendships and discovery. Unlike physical storybooks, Gaudi Bruno is fabulously interactive, allowing your child to feel as if they are exploring the world with Bruno, not just watching him. Bruno is just as adventurous as your child so I am sure they can relate to him The family of  brown bears is always excited to hear about Bruno’s school days and love to hear about what he’s done just as you want to hear about what your child has done at school that day too. It will encourage your child to share their learning experiences and problems with you creating a nice open relationship with you and your child. Some of the storyline is Bruno lives with his family in Italy this is where he goes on all of his adventures, just like any child does. Bruno doesn’t live in the city and Bruno definitely doesn’t live in a town instead, Bruno lives in the beautiful Abruzzo National Park, surrounded by wildlife and beauty a passion that both Bruno and your child can share when they explore the flora and fauna of the park. Gaudi Bruno is also available in Spanish and Italian – and you’re able to switch languages within the application. Over 100 animation effects, numerous controlled by the user and Over 50 sounds that play throughout the storybook and something that will keep your child in check and not bored Interactive games are scattered throughout the storybook for only $2.99 on the iPad which if I remember back when I was a kid that’s how much my books were at KMART before we had iPads So what are you waiting for get your kid something they can enjoy and like to go back to from time Join Bruno in his world 

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