If you have followed my content for some time like since I got my iPad then you will know I picked up this cool iPad stand and have always loved it cause of its many angles well today I am going to tell you about the Funlounger Portable Multi-Angle Smartphone Desk Stand from Mobilefun Its designed to hold you phone at the perfect angle and is compatible with almost any smartphone, letting you view your phone in one of 4 different angles. Also the open design of the holder frame will allow you to use the stand with most slim smart phone cases. I used my phone in the Everyone1 and Zenus case while using this stand and it worked fine I was able to watch all my favorite shows on my phone while at my desk and when its time to go home for the day it features a unique fold away mechanism and weighing a total of only 14 grams, this smartphone stand can be folded perfectly flat and is extremely lightweight which makes it a perfect travel accessory. It has a fit for various purposes this stand can accommodate phones in both landscape and portrait positions which makes it perfect when using your phone as an alarm clock or when viewing photos or videos. The ‘A’ frame of the Funlounger’s design ensures that the weight of your phone is distributed evenly to offer stable and secure holding of your phone. and non-slip rubber feet make sure that the stand itself does not move on your table or floor and that the phone stays safely held within the stand. Overall if you are looking for Samsung S4 Accessories or for any smart phone then this stand will be perfect for you as it’s just right for my on the go lifestyle.

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