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Fremo EVO Amp’d – an intelligent battery base with bluetooth speaker For Amazon Echo Dot (Alexa unlimited with audio)



Today I am going to review a bluetooth speaker that was build for use with the Amazon Echo Dot from a company called Fremo, is a North America Brand Name of the Scud Battery Company in China. The Scud Battery Company is a very well recognized name in the Asia Cell Phone Battery Market and is a Top Three Battery Manufacturer in China. Fremo is the recognized expert in world class design, manufacturing, testing, and packaging of these cell phone products. Fremo can design, build, and package any cell phone accessory product specifically to the customers requirements. Scud Corporation, our Parent Company, is a Public Company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The speaker costs about $49.99 with Free Prime shipping so that’s all you will pay. So not bad for the price but how does it perform? That’s what this review intends to show you, so read on….


Product Name:  Fremo EVO Amp’d – an intelligent battery base with bluetooth speaker For Amazon Echo Dot (Alexa unlimited with audio)

Price: $49.99 

The Review:

The packaging, as I mentioned in my review video is an easy open black and blue box which opens from the side and has the iClever logo and website on the box inside the first thing you see is the speaker and right next to the speaker is the adapter which connects the speaker and echo dot. there is no cable as they want you to use your own cable that you got from Amazon when you brought your echo dot, at the bottom of the speaker you will find the instructions which are very simple but something I wish and there was no mention of is a carrying bag/case so I could travel with the echo dot and evo amp  I wonder if there are any companies or if Fremo is thinking about this for a future item to go along with the evo amp

The speaker does have an identifying mark on it which is Fremo logo on the bottom. Unlike other Alexa items found items you usually have to enable a skill but since it’s just a bluetooth speaker with a base for the echo dot all you have to is go into your Alexa App or click on settings and then bluetooth and pair this beast of a speaker and that’s it. So now you might be thinking “Hey David can’t I use any bluetooth speaker with my Echo dot” and my answer is YES but … your echo dot and speaker will be separate and you won’t be able to keep them both together like you can with the Evo amp

The Fremo Evo Amp is made of a aluminum design and the top has a sticky pad like you would find on some car mounts and the bottom is made to look and feel like the bottom of the Amazon Echo Dot it has a black glossy finish wish it came in white to match my Amazon Echo Dot like the Evo does but who knows maybe this is in the works at Fremo HQ. This speaker has 1 button in the front which is for checking how much juice you have left one thing I wish it had for a feature was asking Alexa “Hey Alexa how much battery percent do I have left on my Evo Amp” sadly I’ll have to wait and see if that too will come to this product.


So yes the speaker is priced well  but is it even worth it? I would say YES and didn’t mean to quote Fremo but it really is the only speaker/dock for your Echo Dot  Hope to see more items come out from Fremo in the future for Alexa

+ Priced well
+Made and Designed with care
+No need to keep your little echo dot at home anymore
none at this time besides there is no 3.5 aux jack with this bluetooth speaker and the adaptor it came with problem I mentioned in the video but otherwise no other problems to mention at this time ,

Editor Note: Hey if your not interested in the Bluetooth speaker for the Echo Dot maybe just a powerbank for the Echo Dot check out EVO which is the first generation of the Evo line up


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