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Free and Efficient Ways to Move from Android to Your iPhone 8/8 Plus for FREE



October each year is when millions of people make a change from Android phones to iPhone. If you are one of them, how would you move your cherished photos, meaningful messages and more to their new home?

It is true that there are many ways to accomplish this, but while seeking for ways to transfer data from Android phone to iPhone, people are all looking for ways that are, first, free of charge, second, 100% secure for data, third, easy. To save you a lot of time doing searching, here, we will show you two easy & free ways to move to iOS.

Transfer Data from Android to iOS with Move to iOS App

Developed by Apple, Move to iOS is a free Android app capable of connecting your Android and iPhone together over a direct Wi-Fi connection and then transferring your data. Contacts, message history, camera photos and videos, web bookmarks, calendars, all these can be moved from Android to iOS via this powerful app.

To use Move to iOS is quite simple. Below we will show you the detailed steps to use Move to iOS app.

Step 1. On your new iPhone, just begin the setup process until you reach the screen ” Apps & Data”, (if your iPhone has already been activated, please go to Settings > General > Erase > Erase All Content and Settings, set your iPhone again, then you can reach this screen) Select Move Data from Android.


Step 2. Download Move to iOS in Google Play, launch and start it on your Android phone. Tap Continue and agree the terms of use. You will then reach the screen of “Find Your Code”, tap next.


Step 3. On your iPhone, tap Continue on the Move from Android screen, a ten-digit or six-digit code would appear.

Step 4. Input it on your Android device, the two device would soon be connected. Select the data you want to transfer, tap Next, leave the two phones alone before transferring process is finished.

Please note that to use Move to iOS, you need a jailbroken iPhone SE and latter running iOS 9 or higher. And during transferring process, it is better to put both Android phone and iPhone into Airplane Mode for a call or any other slight operation might stop the transferring process.

Transfer Data from Android to iOS with AnyTrans

AnyTrans is developed to manage iOS data. In this September, for assisting more users to make a move from iOS to Andriod, Move to iOS feature would be added. Comparing with Move to iOS app, AnyTrans makes transferring process more simple. Without so many restrictions and setting up process, you can start transfer data after connecting your Android phone and iPhone to computer. What’s more, it would sometimes take you a few hours to transfer data from Android to iOS with Move to iOS app. If you want to short the process, AnyTrans is definitely perfect. A few gigabytes of data can be transferred within a few seconds. Last but not least, Move to iOS feature in AnyTrans is absolutely for free.

Step 1. Free download AnyTrans and launch it on your computer, connect your iPhone and Android phones, select Content to iOS. (Take Galaxy as an example)

Step 2. AnyTrans could show you the detailed content in your Android phone, select the files you want to transfer, then click the “>” button. Your data on your Android phone would soon be transferred to iPhone.

Now you have successfully transferred data on Android phone to iPhone for free. In the future, you might need manage your iPhone data, AnyTrans would always be there for you.


Editor Note: this is a guest post and some of it was lightly edited  but if you find a mistake we encourage you to comment below, send us a tweet or email via our contact page 

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