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So as the holidays are coming quick and I mean it’s like Thanksgiving was almost yesterday and it’s time to already trim a tree But some of us still ye olde snail mail to send christmas photos to our love ones and some of us have adopted the use of email but no matter  whether your loved ones live close by or far away It’s nice to know you can create a holiday photo card quickly, email or share it on social media like Facebook Recently I found a cool website called Fotor which was launched in May of 2012 and has from the beginning brought powerful, easy to use photo editing tools into the hands of anyone and everyone with an internet connection. Utilizing cloud computing to offer a suite of image processing tools ranging from basic cropping to HDR (High Dynamic Range) processing, Fotor has made professional-level photo editing accessible to everyday users through a clean, intuitive interface and workflow.I have to say I really like Fotor now if you are thinking that Fotor is just a photo editing website I have to say you would be mistaking they have platforms that cover Mac,Windows/8,Android,iOS  ranging from a vary from different kinds of features like special efforts for webcams to banner makers but today I am just going to talk about basic photo editing using the Fotor website in the video below but here’s a quick guide to help you understand how to get started

Go to this is where you Edit a Photo, Make a Collage or Create a Holiday Card


No matter what option you pick these settings I have found are the same first you need to Upload your photo then you can  customize your message, add cliparts and then save and share it!


The photo can be instantaneously shared via email or social media!


Enjoy and happy holidays to all!

Below is a quick video demo I put together to walk you though the simple process of editing your photo be sure to check out the many other apps Fotor has to offer

Chief Editor,casual dude just doing my thing on this rock getting the job done

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