When I first got my iPod Touch 5th Generation, it was clear that to use it with my 30-pin dock, I would be required to buy the 30-pin adapter from Apple. This brought up some debate from fans and consumers, questioning the fact why Apple didn’t just include it in the box with all lightning devices. Well, knowing Apple, they weren’t ready to do that. So, I bought it and have used for the last several months. However, it became obvious to me that it wasn’t really the best design. It was very small and portable, but it ultimately put a lot of stress on the device, and most importantly that lightning port. When I heard that a product called “Flybridge” was being launched on Kickstarter, I was interested in knowing how it would improve my experience. Well, to put it quite simply, it drastically changes the way I charge my device in my old dock. It makes my Sony machine look like a brand new lightning dock to be honest. Here is my full review.


Design: The Flybridge dock adapter is made of some very nice, high quality plastic. It has a glossy finish to it and comes in a couple of different colours, both black and white. I got the white edition to match my white dock, which ultimately matches my iPod Touch. The Flybridge fits perfectly into any universal 30-pin dock. This means any product that says “Made for iPhone” or “Made for iPod”, will work with it. The way this thing is designed is very beneficial because it provides so much more support for your device, and reduces that stress on the lightning port. But, what I like about this is that when you look over at your dock , you can’t tell you are using a lightning adapter.

How it Works: To use the Flybridge, you simply snap it into your 30-pin universal dock. Next, you drop your lightning to 30-pin adapter, purchased from Apple into the cutout on the Flybridge. Finally, you insert your lightning equipped device. It’s very simple and easy to use and install.

Price and Final Thoughts: The Flybridge comes in at $15.00. You may be thinking that is a lot, but for me it is entirely worth it. Giving it a much more visually appealing look in my dock and much less stress on my device, I don’t regret picking this up. If you own a lightning device, such as an iPhone 5, iPod touch 5G, iPad mini, etc. I definitely recommend this little guy.

Thanks for reading, I will catch you in my next post.


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