Virtual Reality is nothing new to me but it’s making a comeback in the 21st century. I somewhat remember them in game systems my older siblings might remember them more but we can add one more thing our smartphones can do besides be our girl/boyfriend  (haha) and that’s Virtual Reality. While I don’t think it’s a done deal and there is still a ton of work to be done on this kind of tech mostly on the app side even with such apps like “Cardboard”.  A quick search on Amazon will find many sellers/brands have their own Vr Headset while they are all built with the same concept some of just made better and goes for the cardboard VR Headset’s  So what do I think about these Findbest VR glasses read on…

Where ? : Amazon

So as I said in the video below and in my Noon review your first time using this product will take a bit of adjustment as it will feel odd but soon you will get used to it I was given this advice by BeauHD who is one of the many Tech Youtubers I watch and it was indeed true what he said about VR Headsets. There was something else I have to tell you don’t try to get up walking with these on you will end up getting dizzy and fall. But for the review as I’ve done for the GMYLE and NOON I just wanted to try it and I just as I thought, I started to get dizzy.

Now compared to the NOON VR headset the Findbest is priced a lot cheaper but not cheep in the quality it’s made well more better but if $40 is still high for your budget then  there’s a few other sellers on amazon that sell a cardboard version on amazon one of them I will have review up soon which looks a bit better and easy to setup then the GMYLE Cardboard I reviewed a few months ago.

What apps can I use? 

Well the app that Findbest provides is not in the app store but works the same way to install on a iPhone as installing Moviebox does so as I pointed out in the video it could be revoked at anytime I didn’t find any QR code FindBest provides for the Google Cardboard app something that would of been useful at the time

How do these compare with some of the VR headsets?

If you want my personal opinion I think any of the VR headsets on the market today from the cardboard to the more premium ones like the Findbest all do the same purpose so it’s all about the name, design and seller, just like Chips Ahoy and Store Brand chocolate chips. They’re about the same just a different way they marketed and designed their product but it all comes down to cost and tech support


After using this VR headset for about few months , I couldn’t find any problems besides giving the headset enough time for me to adjust to The headset offers style and fun for any tech nerd or non geek out there and would make a cool conversation with the family for any holiday

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