iOS: Fillr’s aim is pretty simple: take the grunt work out of having to enter and possibly re-enter your details on forms while on your iPhone.

Fillr is a free extension for Apple’s Safari mobile browser that stores your most constantly-used forms data ready for use when you hit a form while browsing. Rather than tapping to select each field, you instead tap on the Fillr button in the extension pane and then select the information to go into the fields detected on your given page. All the personal data you put into Fillr is, as per its app description, stored locally within the app.

Next Generation Autofill for Mobile. Why Fillr? Well, who can stand the thought of filling out forms, shopping carts, basically anything on our phones or tablets. Nobody right? So they decided to reinvent a feature that we all know too well on the desktop (Autofill) and design it from the ground up specifically for mobile.

Fillr isn’t just faster, its also more accurate, because it lets you pick and choose the exact pieces of your identity (different address, emails, credit cards etc) that you specifically want to use for each and every transaction.

Today the vast majority of us will browse the net on a mobile device, yet only a fraction of us will actually complete a transaction there. They think jumping from your phone over to your desktop, to finish off what you’re doing, just doesn’t make sense and quite frankly is a waste of your time. So… they bring you Fillr!

They have tried to make Fillr work perfectly on every form… problem is… perfection is an endless pursuit… so if you find a form that Fillr doesn’t work on, please let them know and they will fix it for the next time you visit. 

Editor Note: So as I was testing this app out I found currently it doesn’t work with our contact form on our website hopefully soon that will be fixed I will update this post once it’s been fixed

Introducing Fillr -Informational PDF 

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