Hello guys Tyler here and today I’m going to FAQ on Chinese phone manufacturers. I’m going to sway specifically towards the smartphone side of things.

Now we’ve all heard of the big shot companies like Apple, Samsung, Motorola ext. , but what about all the other manufacturers like BLU, MI, and Xiaomi? yeah most of you are probably thinking who? and or, yeah what about them? so I plan on answering several questions throughout this blog. Here are my answers to FAQ on Chinese phone manufacturers.

Are They Any Good?

And the answer to that is, it depends, and honestly it does. Some companies manage to get you good specs, and a low price, and others bad specks and a high price. On paper a phone may look crappy, but it’s all in how the software runs, and interacts with the hardware. As I always say any specs can be made extremely good given the right software, and circumstances.

Why so Many Clones/ Lookalikes?

Well this is a Question asked a lot by the tech community and the short answer is, because companies go after the phone that looks the best, that’s why there’s more IPhone 6 clones than there are Moto X clones. Now I can admit that it is kind of bogus, but hey companies will do anything nowadays, I mean look at Adidas and their starving shoe makers.(bad joke)

What About Phony Sites?

If it doesn’t seem legit then just quit. By this I mean if a site doesn’t look or even feel legit then don’t buy from them, stick to Amazon and eBay.

Pros, and Cons?

well these depend on the device, if it’s a high quality device and it has a low price tag then your pros would be, better specs, your cons would most likely be, crappy software.

Thanks for reading check out the video below!