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Eye-Fi Mobi SD Card



So I was looking at SD cards for an upcoming event with my Playsport camera and I recently came across Eye-Fi  which is dedicated to building products and services that help consumers manage, nurture and share their digital memories with there patent-pending technology wirelessly and automatically uploads photos and videos from digital cameras and smartphones to online, in-home and retail destinations. I was provided the Eye-Fi Mobi so how well does it work? lets find out…

Where ? : Amazon ,Eye-Fi

Price : $49.99 for the 8GB card and $79.99 for the 16GB card 

At first glance,the product works and looks just like a typical SD card you would normally use. The Exterior part of this card is a bright orange so you can of course tell it a part from other SD cards.  Once the SD card is in your camera you are ready to rock and roll I mean take pictures and shoot video if you are a photographer you will enjoy this SD card like I do ,the product will make your life a lot easier when it comes to importing all you need is your device where that be a KIndle Fire,Android or iOS Tablet/Phone One more cool thing is that they are now testing out desktop software for Mac and Windows , the Windows beta version is available now I don’t have a windows computer so I won’t be able to test it out but when the Mac version comes out you can bet I will post a video below on my thoughts

Eye-Fi Mobi lets photographers:

  • Set up simply and instantly: The Mobi has the simplest Eye-Fi card setup yet — no computer, no account and no cloud. Just download the free Eye-Fi app for iOS or Android, enter the Mobi card’s unique 10-digit code, and the mobile device is paired. Use the same code to pair as many mobile devices as needed.
  • Share in real-time: High-resolution photos and videos instantly transfer from camera to a device’s photo roll/gallery. From there, edit and share with any favorite apps.
  • Transfer anywhere: Built-in WiFi means no WiFi network, hotspot or internet connection needed for pairing or transfer; Mobi literally captures photos and then copies them from camera to device anywhere, whenever new content is detected.
  • Works with the devices users already own (and love): As with other Eye-Fi cards, Mobi works with thousands of cameras, including hundreds of Eye-Fi Connected cameras that have integrated Eye-Fi technology for improved usability. And, the Eye-Fi app can be downloaded for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, including the Kindle Fire.
  • Back up automatically: Photos and videos transfer as they’re taken, so if anything happens to the camera, content is already safe on the mobile device.
  • Exceptional quality and speed: Mobi reinforces Eye-Fi’s commitment to provide state-of-the-art performance in SD memory. HD video, low light and fast action shots are easily captured with this Class 10, high-capacity card.



The Eye-Fi Mobi is one of the best tools for anyone who likes to take a lot pictures or video like me  but doesn’t want to keep swapping around SD cards. Something I wish for a future update in the software is when you able to connect to the card’s ssid  that you can still use the internet on your device much like my Kingston Mobilelite But other than that I wasn’t able to find any issues with this card and would totally recommend any one get this card for their camera since almost all of us have smart phones

Rating – 10/10 – Great for Photography!

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