The SurfaceRT is a great device for productivity and playing games from the Windows Store. The screen is 10.1 inches , which is plenty but also means it is more prone to scratches. The Extreme Guard is the ideal protector for your device as it is highly durable and adds grip to the device. After using the the Extreme Guard Full Body Protector for the Microsoft Surface RT for little over a month, I can now bring you my full thoughts.

In the Box :
• Front and back Protector
• Squegee
• Application Gel
• Instruction Manual

How to Apply :
1. Peel off the protective white backing from the clear, shiny and sticky guard. Be careful not to let the adhesive side of the guard stick to itself.

2. Evenly spread a thin layer of application gel over the back of the guard with your finger.

3. Apply the guard to your device. Align the edges to yuor screen, paying special attention to any speaker or button cutouts.

4. Wrap included cloth around the squeegee card. Working from the center, gently squeegee out the installation gel towards the outside edges. Avoid pushing the gel into buttons or speakers.

Applying the Extreme Guard is quite a task. First you have to make sure your hands are as clean as possible, not to damage the protectors as you put it on the device. Now, you get the application fluid and spread it around the protectors as you put them on. Then you simply pry as much of the Gel out as possible and leave your device for 24/48 hours for it all to evaporate. Mine didn’t evaporate fully until 4 days after the Protectors were applied. It might be a set back waiting 4 days for something to set on your device, but the end result is well worth it, I must say. The screen looks crystal clear with no bubbles anywhere , vise versa on the back.

The back is in two parts on for the top of the device and on the bottom because of the built in stand on the Surface RT. I would highly recommend the ExtremeGuard screen protector to anyone who has recently received a new device, tablet or smartphone. Something is always better than nothing. This will add grip and protection to your device like no screen shield which you get with some cases. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Rating : 8/10 – Great screen protector but waiting a few days for the gel to evaporate is quite an annoyance to be honest, but a small price to pay for great protection.