Energy Sistem are an electronic company based in Spain. They produce high quality smartphones, tablets, speakers, headphones and accessories. I stumbled onto their website one day and was instantly impressed and really wanted to try some of their products. A huge thanks have to go out to Energy Sistem for sending this device out for review and in this article we will doing just that, read on to see what I thought of the Energy Phone Max.

Worth the Purchase ? : Yes

Price : 129 euro

Where? : Energy Sistem


Smartphone with optimized ANDROID™ 4.4. O.S.
5″ capacitive OGS IPS (HD 1280x720p) touch display.
Quad core ARM Cortex A7 1.3GHz processor and Mali-400 GPU.
8GB built-in memory expandable up to 64GB via microSD-HC/XC cards.
5Mpx FOV 88º front camera with flash and 8Mpx autofocus rear camera with flash for video calls, photos and HD videos.
3G: 3G data connection to enjoy the Internet 24 hours per day.
GPS via satellite for the most reliable and precise navigation.
WI-FI N: 802.11 b/g/n module for the fastest Internet connection.
BLUETOOTH 4.0: Ultra fast wireless connection for headphones, speakers and other Bluetooth devices.
Dual SIM-card slot for your free choice of mobile operator.


Energy Phone Max.
3 color back casings.
Quick Guide.
Screen protector.
USB cable.
AC/DC power adapter (Europlug) 100-240VAC 50-60Hz.
2 microSIM adapters.

Out of the box, I was instantly impressed with the Energy Phone Max. The design, the bright battery covers, the lightness and the build quality all gave me the impression I was using a high quality device. It really made me notice that for 129 euro you where getting a very well made phone.

The design of the device reminded me of the Nexus 5 and even though it is made entirely out of plastic it sturdy, there is no creaking and the buttons have a nice tactile feedback. The display on the device is very vivid for a 720p display, as stated above. It performs very well in bight sunlight (with the brightness at full) and everything is eligible, very good overall for the price tag.

The overall performance of the device was excellent and exceeded my expectations. I expected the occasional lag and for it to be abit slow. I was gladly wrong. It performed flawlessly, no lag, everything loaded very fast. Is it as result of the 1GB of RAM, Quad-Core processor, or the fact it has a near vanilla version of Android? Who knows but I wont complain, during my time with the device it was a pleasure to use and I even went as far as using this device as my daily driver over my Galaxy S4.

Photography is highly popular among smartphone users and this device didnt disappoint. It comes with a 5MP front-camera with an LED flash(Yes, a flash at the front) and a 8MP rear-camera with another LED flash. With plenty of light both performed brilliantly, when the light was lacking you could turn to the flash to provide light. They did just that, both where very bright for just single LED’s, very good camera experience.


After using the Energy Phone Max, I was very impressed. It has solid performance, camera’s and the single speaker quality isnt too bad either. It is overall a great device and in my opinion a device that deserves more recognition than it’s getting. I would purchase this device over the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Grand or Microsoft Lumia 635. If you’re on the market for a new smartphone, but don’t want to be spending 500/600 euro on a Samsung Galaxy S6. The Energy Phone Max is the Phone for you. You won’t be disappointed.

Check out the Product Link(Click Energy Sistem @ the Where? section)