Okay lets be honest for a second. Everybody has been on a road trip or at the office or even on the bus on the way to class when BOOM, your phone dies and you throw yourself in the back of your seat and think “what do I do now?” Well, today I’m going to tell you how you could possibly never have that feeling again with the Elivebuy 10000mAh Dual Port Ultra Thin External Battery Power Bank. Thanks for tuning in and lets get on to the review!


  • Large capacity of 10,000 mAh, 5V 1A & 2A Dual output, simultaneous charging your iPad and iPhone at high speed (iPhone four+ times, and large-capacity phones like the Galaxy S4 three times)
  • Dual USB output: Charge two smartphones or an iPad at full speed (USB Output 1: 5V 2A, USB Output 2: 5V 1A); Constructed with A+ Li-Polymer battery cells and build-in microchips to ensure safety use and long lifespan.
  • 4 blue LED indicators display the remaining power; red light flashing warns of low battery and needs recharge the power bank.

$_57                                                      $_62

The Review:
Before we get into how cool this thing and how much charge this thing can actually hold, I want to mention the amazing box that it comes in. Looking at the box and just the way the device sits in the box, you can tell it is a high quality product. Next is the design of the product. This design is unlike any PowerBank I have reviewed. This PowerBank is very slim, This thing can fit anywhere and will take up very little space at all. Even though this thing is very slim, it is pretty long, but as Apple has proved with their iPhones, it doesn’t take away quality. The all around design of the PowerBank is pretty cool in my opinion. They only sell them in blue and green color and I think its the only color they need to sell them in considering it is a very attractive device. Also by the feel of the PowerBank, It doesn’t feel like it would attract anything such as dust, crumbs, etc.
Next, is the awesome performance. As you could probably see in the specs, This device dual output meaning that you can charge two devices at one time. I think this was a very good idea considering the PowerBank can hold such a huge amount of charge. I did put it to the test and found out that it could charge my iPhone 6 about 3 3/4 times in one charge of the PowerBank. You can expect this much charge out of pretty much every 10,000 mAh PowerBank on the market. It charged my device to 100% in about 3 to 4 hours which is also pretty common out of these PowerBanks. The LED indicators are very helpful and I’m glad that they included these on the PowerBank because there is nothing worse than wondering when your PowerBank is going to die. There are 4 LED indicators indicating 25%,50%,75%, and 100%.

$_63                                                  $_61
In Conclusion:
This thing is pretty cool. I can’t find one thing wrong with the PowerBank other than I think they should add more color selection because the only thing that would make this thing cooler than it is would be able to pick out the colors you want on each side of the PowerBank. Also, not everyone is going to like the colors like I did. One of the best things about this PowerBank is that it only runs for $25.99 on their Amazon store. So defiantly check this thing out if you are looking for a new high capacity PowerBank!

Awesome Device – 9/10

Check Them Out: http://elivebuy.com/