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EarHoox 2.0



Earhoox 2.0 – for Apple EarPods & AirPods GIVEAWAY LINK

Earhoox, a product that offers an innovative solution to loose and uncomfortable earbuds, is conveniently located on,Amazon and

UK website builder are enhancers uniquely designed to stretch over earbuds in order to provide a more comfortable, secure fit – one that is in tune with an active lifestyle. The problem-solving product is specifically engineered to fit the new Apple iPhone 5 EarPods, as well as traditional round earbuds. Earhoox are offered in a variety of colors including white, black, blue, and pink. Each package contains multiple sizes to accommodate both adults and children.

Earhoox began in 2013 as a crowdfunded start-up on IndieGoGo and since then has gained popularity via and other online marketplaces. awarded Earhoox the “Top Launch” in February 2014 and the customer feedback on Amazon has been nearly flawless.

The founders of Earhoox, Helmut Wyzisk III and Jeff Becker, originally geared Earhoox towards athletes, but it was not long before they realized Earhoox were in high demand by groups of all ages and types, including technology gurus, gamers and everyday casual earbud wearers.

“There’s nothing like seeing a customer smile and comfortably wear earbuds for the first time. We’re thrilled to be offering this experience to Best Buy customers everywhere.” says Helmut Wyzisk III.

About Earhoox
Earhoox® ( are the solution to the common problem of loose, uncomfortable earbuds. More specifically, Earhoox™ are a set of silicone attachments for current earbuds that apply pressure and traction to key points of the ear giving the existing earbuds a secure and comfortable fit – one that is in tune with an active lifestyle.

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These videos show the 1.0 but the same info on the company


Editor Note: in my video review I mentioned there is two sizes one of them is small and the other is large

Chief Editor,casual dude just doing my thing on this rock getting the job done

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