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Dragon Puzzle



If you are a bejeweled player then you are bound to love this FREE game called Dragon Puzzle which is a unique iOS game that combines Puzzle and RPG playing and set in a fantasy landscape with exciting boss battle, including more than 200 cards. This app takes you to an awe-inspiring fantasy land that is designed to feed your visual appetite and create an engaging gaming experience. Challenge yourself with each level up that pits you against some of the most evil adversaries. Don’t worry, you are not alone. You can build an arsenal of characters with a range of power to help you conquer each enemy you meet in your quest. You can also ask for help from other players for those really tough enemies.  This afternoon I sat down and took a break from normal work I know what you are thinking I took a break from work WTH? Moving on to play this game it’s quite easy it takes you though a storyline by creating a nickname to use in the game next you choose your mission and then a companion for battle Keep in mind this is a puzzle game and you do most of your game play by strategically sliding vibrantly designed jewels to match three or more and release energy to annihilate enemies who want to impede your mission and your main goal is to end all your enemies and clear your mission Some very cool features of this app is that you can connect with friends via chat system. Start a private chat with one or more friends and one more feature to this app that would help any newbe access a online tutorial, FAQ, and tips for becoming a master of Dragon Puzzle! Overall this is a fun game and for the price of FREE you can’t beat it so give it a try and if you want tell me in the comment section below what you thought

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