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DHGate S4 i9500 HTM A9500 Android 4.2 Quad Band Core Dual Sim Smartphone



Today I am going to review a smart phone from a marketplace called DHGate the world’s leading B2B online trading marketplace for goods manufactured in China, serving the world’s small and medium-sized businesses since 2004. they are backed by investors KPCB, JAFCO and Warburg Pincus helping them make online trade simple. The design of the phone is very unique and  looks very nice for being able to get what you need done quick the phone costs about $60.74 USD and comes with Free Shipping if you want to wait for a few weeks for the phone but I would suggest getting DHL shipping as they are very reliable when dealing with international packages  so it’s worth the extra cost. So not bad for the price but how does it perform? That’s what this review intends to show you, so read on….


Product Name: DHGate S4 i9500 HTM A9500 Android 4.2 Quad Band Core Dual Sim Smartphone

Provider: DHGATE

Price: $60.74  


The Review:

So as most of my long time viewers and friends know me I like to compare items where that might be a clone vs the real deal so when I saw this S4 Clone I had to check it out

My experience as I said in the video below is very clear I liked this phone it’s ment more for those users who want a smart phone but only really use the phone part and maybe take a few photos for instagram unlike the M5 I reviewed back in April when I tried to install the same amount of I maxed out the space on my SD card and phone So I was excited to see what type of clone of the S4 line this would be since the picture doesn’t do this phone justice it turned out after testing many different cases I came to the thought that it’s a clone of the S4 mini since the original S4 is much larger plus it’s not a full clone since the charger is at the top rather than the bottom  I thought for $60 this phone would be cheap and the Android OS wouldn’t be the best like a cheap tablet I had back in december anyways moving on This phone could be a bit hard to set up  when I added my Google Account to this phone so I could use the play store with my already brought apps it forced me to make an email address I thought this was strange since it never did this with the M8 or the kids tablet I reviewed a while back Now I have to say there isn’t a lot of coverage on this phone most of the videos out are unboxings but it’s very simple to get start started just remove the back just like I did in the M8  and insert the battery but be careful of the back cover which is made of plastic so take care as I didn’t see any store selling those back cover replacements you do also get a cover case just like the S4

A few things I’ve noticed from my tablets and phones I have used running Android is the battery with this phone it’s not the best and will die within 3-4 hours if you use your phone as much as I do or even if you leave it idle so you get calls during the day I always keep my power bank near by for when I need some extra juice , The camera was surprising really good as well I recorded a few clips of my backyard and snapped a few photos there’s a stock app for pictures/ videos it’s nothing to talk about in terms of UI pretty basic for taking photos Now I played one of my favorite games for both iOS and Android Fruit Ninja  this is a good game to test the lag and responsiveness of the phone and it did alright I did experience some lag mostly when I turn it on and it wouldn’t load up with my launcher it would load the launcher that came with the phone then I would have to press the home button and load my desired launcher this was very annoying with the M8 I never had to do this  The Graphics for this phone were ok  I didn’t see any pixels as you would with some cheap tablets or phones, Now for the protection of this cool device you will need a case Correct! this phone does come with a S4 window flip case which is nice but  I wanted something a bit more to my style I’m using a AceAbove S4 Case which fits the phone right  The phone does comes with instructions but focuses more on basic software features of a smart phone if you follow what I’ve told you today you are sure to enjoy this phone while saving some mega bucks!

Anyways I had friends help test this out and they liked that it was almost like the S4 with ease of use and grasp of getting to know a phone in just under 3 mins will make any only adult like this phone

The final score averages out to be a 9 out of 10,  Again like I said before the only con was that with the same almont of apps I had on M8 it didn’t fit of course maybe if I just started new and wiped out my SD card this might of fixed it

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