Have you ever wanted to have a wireless mic for your iPhone one that you could pass off to your friend instead of  passing off the earbuds too well here’s a cool product from Mobilefun called Dexim Wireless Stereo Stylus which is a lightweight metal designed stylus that incorporates a range of great features that turns your ordinary stylus into a gadget filled creation perfect for at home with the kids or at the office Of course the main functionality rests in the durable rubberized capacitive touchscreen stylus that makes it easy to navigate your tablet whether its answering emails or if you’re creating a masterpiece. This stylus also features a built-in microphone and earphone both of which are protected from dust via the cleverly designed metal casing and also features a multi-function button that allows you to answer calls or drop them with an instant click. This means you have an incredible wireless handheld accessory for switching between writing and talking. Something I really liked about this product is it’s  built with Bluetooth that allows you to pair the pen with any Bluetooth enabled device. This not only makes handheld calling a possibility but if you connect your  headphones which may or may not be bluetooth via the headphone jack on the top you can listen to whatever is playing on your device. This is perfect if you want to relax by listening to your favorite music while doodling or responding to emails or for kids to play on the tablet in piece and quiet. One thing that I thought could of been improved was the speaker on this stylus wasn’t the best but if you are using this with ear buds then I guess there wont be any problem Overall I really like this product from the look and feel which makes it the perfect professional looking above some other iPad Mini Stylus for use at home and at work.

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