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Having a logo is one of the most direct ways to convey brand culture and identity. A well-designed logo speaks volumes about your business. It not only helps show business recognition but also builds customer trust. That’s why people always tend to hire a professional designer to make them a custom logo.

However, paying for a graphic designer costs money, especially for small business owners and other people who have limited budgets and that’s why is important to have a good retirement account, that you can manage with the help of gold-IRA online. With the idea to simplify the cumbersome logo design process and cut cost, DesignEvo, an online logo design tool, is launched to help people create unique and professional logos effortlessly. With DesignEvo, you will be surprised that branding success is only a few of clicks.

Easy to Use

DesignEvo is a powerful and free online design tool, empowering anyone to create custom logos in minutes. Unlike complicated professional design software which requires lots of energy and time to learn, DesignEvo has a very straight forward interface and simple drag-and-drop feature, making it extremely easy to navigate. It’s fast, people of all ages and skills can use it to make their own unique logo

Massive Vectors— DesignEvo owns a vast inbuilt database, offering millions of high quality copyright free vector graphics for selection. Just simply type in a keyword, then the smart search engine will present many related vectors in front of you. All you need to do is pick one preferred

icon and make some adjustments then it’s done.




Stylish Fonts— DesignEvo can also make some letter-based logos. It contains hundreds of professionally designed text fonts and word arts that you can freely use with one click. By changing font color, style and effect, adding a font outline and/or glow, placing the text to the

correct position or any other adjustment according to your need.

Powerful Features—  Easy to customize your logo with DesignEvo’s powerful editing tools. Apart from normal editing features like resize, rotate, flip, spacing, gradient and all other basics, DesignEvo also has a lot of smart features awaiting you to explore. By appropriately arranging the combinations of graphics and texts to your creative taste, you can be design master too!

What I like most is the Preview function, It allows you to see real examples of what your logo looks like when it is applied on business cards, notebook covers, T-shirts, and etc, which is very helpful.

Unlimited Downloads— Once you finish your masterpiece, you can easily download it with a zip file, including 3 images. One PNG logo, one JPG logo and one high-resolution logo with transparent background, which makes sure that your logo can be displayed on any background.

The Bottom Line

DesignEvo is a free web-based logo design tool for anyone interested in designing logos themselves. Truth be said, it’s definitely worth a try.


Editor Note: this is a guest post provided by the company as a Press Document and some of it was lightly edited  but if you find a mistake we encourage you to comment below or send us a tweet or email via our contact page 

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