I have been a fan of the Cygnett Workmate Series for a while now and each time they make better improvements you know when you are buying Cygnett you are buying quality and care of their products they sell and produce and so it continues on from its highly successful and sought after predecessor the Cygnett Workmate. But instead of being a full silicone construction, the case made from layers of silicone in combination with a high-quality polycarbonate shell which I really love this extra protection to absorb shocks from being run over from your car cause your late to work again or  from accidental drop from holding your baby taking it to daycare cause your late to work you know your precious Samsung Galaxy S4 will be protected like your kids are. The Cygnett WorkMate Evolution for the Galaxy S4 from Mobilefun was designed with both form and function in mind as a result it is quite slimline and will offer the protection your phone needs without the extra bulk This case comes with the famous Cygnett screen protector if you havent tried their protectors yet give them a try ,Branded Cygnett Micro-Fiber Cloth and plastic card for removing bubbles from the screen protector. Moving forward this case also features cutouts for the ports and features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 such as the dock connector and camera. It has raised areas for the volume and home keys to make them easy to press. If a you work in a rough area like a fairground or contruction zone I would highly suggest you take a look at the workmate series case over some other Samsung S4 cases that are out there now you can choose from 4 different colours from Blue,Black,Orange and Gray so there should be one you are sure to love.

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