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Cygnett Soundwave Bluetooth Speaker



If you have looked for a nice looking bluetooth speaker for your coffee bar or livingroom then I know you might like the Cygnett Soundwave Bluetooth Speaker from Mobilefun  this wireless speaker boasts incredible stereo sound power and dynamic drivers with passive radiators which means that the SoundWave is excellent for delivering a rich audio experience wherever you are this speaker is ideal for ambient background use or at a party this speaker features a built-in Bluetooth technology with active pairing so you can wirelessly pair your Bluetooth enabled device both iOS and android or even a Macbook and play your tunes without getting wires tangled something that is quite neat is that the bluetooth works within a 32 foot/10 metre range so you will have the freedom to move around  the house with your phone without having to carry your speaker with you But of course we know already its great for use indoors but the Cygnett SoundWave can also be powered by 8 AA batteries for completely wireless use so you don’t have to worry about recharging a dead battery this makes it perfect for use at BBQs or in the park with the SoundWave can bring the party almost anywhere. Something I like about this speaker is that the controls are very easy to use on the top of the are simple and easy to use controls which allow for easier control of your music and If your device does not have bluetooth not to worry this speaker has a line-in port and for connection of non-Bluetooth devices to the speaker. This means that it is perfect for use with handheld gaming devices, mp3 players and laptops as well as smartphones but sadly the cable is not included so you will have to find one or maybe you have one lying around since we already know that the Bluetooth speaker I haven’t spoken too much about the convenient adjustable dock for your smart phone or 7″ tablet not suggested for heavy tablets like the iPad the stand has an adjustable width of 12 – 24 mm and a weighted base the dock is suitable for use with smartphones with heavy-duty cases like the OtterBox and while in the iPhone 5S Dock  it can also be used to charge  the device while you play your favorite tunes Overall I would recommend this speaker for the one who likes to hold parties or even a small coffee and donuts meeting with the co-workers you could sure play some nice calming music for them which makes thethe Cygnett SoundWave Bluetooth speaker is perfect for any occasion.

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