I have always loved Cygnett products they have great team who know what the consumer and with the Cygnett Feel PC Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 from Mobilefun its no different  This case from Cygnett is designed to be as thin as possible. This reduces the amount of bulk and weight which is added to your device once it’s installed. This means that the device still fits comfortably in your hand or pocket. While it’s ultra-slim, it still adds a great layer of protection against dirt, scratches and minor impacts, ensuring that your device always looks clean and new. One of the best parts I liked about this case is this case features a soft, textured finish which gives you an increased grip on your device. This reduces the risk of you dropping your device and keeps it looking new for longer. The soft texture also makes it comfortable to hold it. Now you might be thinking does it show those greasy finger prints after eating KFC you are in luck as I found it didn’t show up on the case but still if you touch your phone after you eat you should still give it a wipe down and once more this case has a snap on design which means that it can be easily attached to your device. By simply clipping the case over the sides and corners of your device, it instantly offers protection. The case also features a number of cut-outs located around the case which gives you full access to all of the ports and features and if Mint is not your color why not just get black I cant confirm if the greasy finger marks will show up black but I can bet they will One last thing don’t forget to install the included screen protection which, once applied, offers all round protection for your device. The screen protector is made to measure for the Samsung Galaxy S4’s screen and as a result, once it’s installed, it will be virtually invisible so it doesn’t hinder your view of the screen. Overall if you are looking for a thin case for your Samsung S4 then this might be one of the ones to consider but do a little research and check out some other Samsung S4 cases before making the decision

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