Are you one who likes to switch around or maybe you break smartphones every month or year and want to dock the phone so you can enjoy your tunes without ear buds and since I said you like moving around to different phones I bet you can’t stand buying new adaptors just to use with docks and other iPhone 5 accessories Well let me be one of the first to introduce the Cygnett CentreStage Speaker Stand System from Mobilefun.Using the 3.5mm audio jack input, amplify your music with stereo sound. The CentreStage is compatible with iPhone, smartphones and MP3 players, The speakers have an integrated dockable stand which securely cradles your device for most visibility, while producing rich, quality audio Also the speaker will give you the opportunity to amplify your sounds to the full, to make the most of your music experiences and if you would rather not secure your handset within the speaker’s cradle, you can use the alternative option of a 3.5mm jack, to amplify your tunes with stereo quality sound. This might be one of the best docks I have seen that aren’t bulky and you can take with you in a backpack for easy travel so you have a dock or just a pair of speakers with you in the hotel room One thing I found that was quite cool that most docks don’t have is the option to use the dock in battery mode it takes four AAA batteries so now you can enjoy your music on a trip to the beach by amplifying your sounds with stereo quality using this white CentreStage Speaker Stand System I know you too will enjoy this dock like myself and its priced right for anyone looking for a simple and portable dock below $20 Give it a look

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