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Crossy Road Review



Crossy Road is based on an arcade game Frogger. The aim is to get as far as you can and collect coins along the way. To do that you have to jump from a tree trunk to another tree trunk or even a crocodile. You also need to cross roads (hence the name), woods and rails all while avoiding cars and trains.

For every 100 coins you collect you get a chance to win a new character. The more characters you have the less likely you are to win a new one. Every six hours you get a gift with a random amount of coins and goals, that if completed, also reward you with coins. There are also secret characters, which can be unlocked by playing the game. All characters, except the secret ones, can be unlocked using in-app purchases. This isn’t a big deal, because you can get everything but the piggy bank without paying a cent.

The game seems like it was built in Minecraft and the result is an awesome looking game. Some characters have unique environments assigned to them, but most use the standard city theme.

The game also includes support for Game Center leaderboards, high score sharing and Everplay video recording.

One thing I miss however is stat tracking, which isn’t very functional, but would be nice to have.

I am 13 year old guy (yeah I know) who is a tech addict since 9 and lives in Slovenia. I recently joined NH Tech thanks to Dave. I'm interested in everything tech related. I primarily make YouTube videos on (please subscribe), but I'm now also starting writing. Any kind of feedback is much appreciated.

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