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A while back in January my writer Matthew wrote a post about the Cookoo Smart Watch now I still was living in the past and couldn’t ever see a watch pair with a device but after seeing a few posts and hearing rumors about apple getting in the game of a smartwatch I had to check it out. The COOKOO watch made by ConnecteDevice CEO Henri-Nicolas OLIVIER who believes less is more and COOKOO’s clean lines show their continuous quest for simplicity and to bring only the essential to the wrist this watch has won many awards and has gotten some great reviews from other reviewers but setting up or even having a smart watch for the first time can be tricky this is one tech product you want to be sure you read the guide Anyways moving on the watch will help you manage your Bluetooth 4.0 smart device only if you have a iPhone 4s/5 ,iPad 3/4, iPad Mini I did try to connect with my iPod 4th gen but something was going on in terms of keeping a connection so I used my iPad mini and it worked so I didn’t have to constantly check on it. Its intuitive icons and alerts let you know what’s happening on your device in real-time, even when your device is tucked away in a book back or pocketbook You will have notifications for incoming calls, missed calls, Facebook posts and messages, calendar reminders and more one feature I found quite helpful is I could locate my device with the press of a button from my COOKOO watch. This watch is fitted with an accurate Japanese movement and scratch-resistant mineral crystal watch face and up to 1 year of battery life for CONNECTED Display and up to 3 years of battery life for analog watch movement. If you want to go to sleep and not have to wake up to a beep you can turn off the connected part of the watch and still use the analog part it’s also water-resistant up to 5ATM Connected promises more functionality will be enabled in coming version releases So its good news to hear they are listening in ongoing development of their watch personally if they could make it the price tag of $99 it might grab a bigger fan base  but at only $129 it’s still priced right another thing that caught my eye is the package once you have your watch dont throw the box away you can use it as a bird house and save it a trip to a local landfill I have always liked when a company thinks about our planet and the product in mind Overall if you need a watch and have a iPhone I would totally go for this smart watch as its very comfortable to wear and I should know since I don’t like the feeling of  some watches but I don’t mind putting this watch on my wrist Buy the watch here 


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