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Cookoo Smart Watch




Do you ever feel the need to check your phone constantly? Or wondered if you’re getting or receiving social media post or messages? Well you have to check this product out!

The product that I’m going to be reviewing today is the CooKoo watch,  This maybe the coolest watch I have ever seen or even heard in all my years of tech. This watch allows you to manage pretty much everything on your phone through you Bluetooth 4.0 smart device, so you no longer have to check your phone constantly. Its icons and alerts (like a little vibration) let you know what’s happening in real-time, even with your device tucked away, weather in your pocket or in your backpack.

The Cookoo watch can show different icons telling you if you have incoming calls, missed calls, Facebook post and message, calendar reminders and even more. The watch also has a customizable command button enabling you to check into a location on Facebook or any other location tagging programmed. This button also allows you to trigger the phone’s camera so you can simply stand the phone up, click the button on the watch and take a picture or video. You may think this watch is going to burn through batteries. Actually with your watch connected to your phone 24/7 the watch battery could last to up a year, and without the Bluetooth system set up it can last up to 3 times that. But you should be ready for this because the watch tells you if the battery is running low.


You probably think ‘wow this watch has a lot to offer’ but were not done here, this watch can also locate your phone with one click of a button on the Cookoo watch, and even alerts you when the watch is to far away from your phone saying your device is out of range. The watch is even water resistant up to 50atm, which means it’s good to wash your hands and get it a little wet but it is not made for swimming or fully submerged in water.

With all this information this watch holds, it still does not fall short in looks! The watch has an amazing design and comes in the colors of green, blue, pink, black, white, grey. Every single color looks amazing and has its own unique look. This watch is also a unisexual watch and can be worn on a man or a woman and looks great on both. The watch is also very durable and is fitted with an accurate Japanese movement and scratch-resistant mineral watch face.

Overall this watch is suitable for everyone! It ranges from that man who is busy working all day to the kid sitting in class wondering if he has and text or missed calls. The watch is a great buy and for $130.00 dollars I think it is a must have!


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