James joined NH Tech in 2013 with the acquisition of LinkedGeek where he was and still is a writer reviewing various products on our website, James also posts reviews on his Youtube Channel  He is very passionate about the material that he produces in short James is a Geek like all of us here. one of James’s hobbies is being a big Lego fan he has made many videos on his personal channel on this very topic Combine his geek experience he is interested in anything to do with new phone releases , tablets and computers.


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David is a typical guy from New England who loves the outdoors David’s vast amount of coverage on product reviews is very helpful to his readers as well as the companies he provides the reviews for besides NH Tech David also reviews on Amazon where he has reviewed many products like a hairbrush He also uploads some of his Amazon reviews on a Youtube channel separate from NH Tech He just enjoy reviewing products along with blog posts he also uploads  to our Youtube channel Oh and when he is not doing any of this he just likes to kick back and relax with one of his favorite TV shows while spending time with friends 


Sam is a tech enthusiast and proud father of two boys.  I have been a System Administrator at Antioch University for over 15 years. My job primarily deals with WMware, Windows servers, windows 7/8/10, MacOS, and iOS, and some Android devices.  I have learned a lot about all things tech and developed a particular passion for anything mobile related.  One of my first mobile devices was a Dell Axim, a Pocket PC running the old windows mobile OS.  From then on, I have always had some sort of mobile device on my person.  I’ve had iPhones since the iPhone 3g and still love Apple devices.  But I love trying out any kind of new technology including Android devices and wearables.  

So, when I am not working or spending time with my family, I am doing something tech related, whether it’s building a PC, installing the latest beta, watching Youtube reviews, or tinkering with some new gadget.


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